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Progress cheek

What did you do yesterday, Ben?

had a very busy day yesterday. I got up at seven o’clock. I had breakfast and than I went to my grandparent’s house.

You walked to your grandparent’s house?

No, I didn’t. I rode my bike there. I helped my grandfather in the garden.

Oh, and what did you do in the afternoon?

My grandparents took me to the zoo.


This is my cat, Snow. He is a small white cat with a bushy tail. Every day, I take him for a walk in the park. He walks everywhere and plays with his ball on the grass. When we return home, he eats his food and then lies on the carpet. At night, he sleeps on the rug near my bed. A year ago I took him for a walk and I lost him. I couldn’t  find him anywhere. I went home and I told my parents. They searched for him in the park and then they went to the police station. A few days later, a policeman came to our house. Snow was with him. I was so happy to see him again!


Julie have you ever driven a car?

No, but I have driven a tractor.

Where did you drive it?

I drove it once last summer on my uncle’s farm.

Bobby, have you ever visited Germany?

No, but I have already visited Portugal.

When did you visit Portugal?

I visited Portugal three years ago.


I was cooking when I heard a knock on the door.

The Wilsons where traveling to their summer house when the thunderstorm hit.

While Ahmed was working,  the telephone rang.

She was painting in the living room while the children where playing in the garden.

Simon was watching TV all day yesterday.

What where the Simpsons doing yesterday afternoon?

He was not studying when his mother came into the room.


Sue and I went shopping yesterday.

I was having lunch while my mum was washing the dishes.

Have you finished your homework yet?

They never traveled abroad.

Jeff was watching a documentary on TV at 7 o’clock yesterday evening.

Diane bought a new computer two months ago.

I was tidying my room when the lights suddenly went off.

Gary already cooked dinner.

Did she walk to school yesterday?

Mike just came home from work.


I always have breakfast in the morning.

Did Mary cook dinner last night?

He was cleaning his car when it started to rain.

The Smiths haven’t wanted to go to Spain for their summer holiday this year.

Peter has never been good at Maths.

Have you seen Jamie yet?

While Paul was swimming Mary was reading a magazine.

They don’t play football on Saturdays.

Have you ever driven a Ferrari?

Josh was playing tennis while Mary was reading a book.