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A teacher is speaking  to her students before a test:You are going to have a test today.Your test papers are on your desks. you mustn’t begin until I say so. You don’t have to hurry;there is plenty of time. You mustn’t speak during the test.You don’t have to copy your friend work and you don’t have to open your books. You mustn’t write in pen; you can write in pencil.You mustn’t stay when you’ve finished;you can leave but you don’t have to noisy. When you leave, you mustn’t wait for your friends outside the classroom. Wait outside the building.Finally, I wish you all good luck. You can begin now!.


2. You’ve got lots of time.You don’ have to hurry.

3.I broke my tooth,so I had to go to the dentist’s yesterday.

4. Let’s clean up now so we don’t have to clean up tomorrow.

5. Lucy feels better now, so she had to take the medicine.

6.He doesn’t shout or else she can’t hear him.


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