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Grammar 1


  1. can swim.

  2. You can’t draw.

  3. He can cook.

  4. She can’t walk.

  5. It can jump.

  6. We can’t ski.

  7. You can read.

  8. They can’t count.

  9. Doris can sail.

  10. Walter and Laura can’t sing.


    Can/could/to be able

  1. Last week we could go swimming, this week we can’t.

  2. Maybe the Smiths will be able to build a new house next year.

  3. If you try hard, you can pass your examinations.

  4. When I was five, I could not swim.

  5. Dennis could play the trumpet after four months.

  6. Luke has passed his driving test, now he can drive a car.

  7. could not speak to him on the phone for three weeks last month.

  8. Alex will not be able to do his homework when his desk is in such a mess.

  9. They were so busy, they could not text me.

  10. Lisa has been able to clean her dress. She can wear it again.


    can in sentences, questions and negations

    1. Olivia can play the guitar.
      Olivia can’t play the guitar.

    2. Can the girls play hockey?
      The girls can play hockey.

    3. Richard can play the trumpet.
      Can Richard play the trumpet?

    4. Can she write with her left hand?
      She can write with her left hand.

    5. He can write good stories.
      He can’t write good stories.

    6. Alex can write exciting articles.
      Can Alex write exciting articles?

    7. Henry can cook spaghetti.
      Can Henry cook spaghetti?

    8. They can cook well.
      They can’t cook well.

    9. Can Carol cook chilli con carne?
      Carol can cook chilli con carne.


    1. Questions with can
    1. Can she play the trumpet?

    2. Can they write e-mails?

    3. Can I watch TV?

    4. Can the cat climb the tree?

    5. Can your brother draw pictures?

    6. Can the parrot talk?

    7. When can you come?

    8. What can we do?

    9. Where can our friends have lunch?

    10. How can your sister sing so fast?


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