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  1. Users can join in the fun by sending instant messages.-d. be/feel part of
  2. They can bond with each other by watching clips from films.-c. Make a cllose connection with
  3. Some teens feel thaat they don’t fit in at school.-b. be outsidee a group you want to be in
  4. Chatting online helps some shy people not to feel left out.-a. feel comfortablle in a group


  1. Do you feel like you feel comfortable in group with all the different groups in your school?
  2. Are therre times when you be outside a group you want to be in because you can’t do something your friends can do?
  3. If you see friends playinga sport, do you make a close connection with right away or wait for them to assk you to play?
  4. Do you have any good friends now that you didn’t feeel part of when you first met?