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Milly: So what do you think of Liz’s new man?

Rita: John? He seems nice. I don’t really know.He was very quiet.

Milly: Well, he’s under-confident . And Liz tends to dominate the conversation, doesn’t she? 

Rita: Yes, I suppose so. But when John did say something, it was boring.

Milly:  Oh dear. You’re horrible.

Rita: I’m not mean-just honest.

Milly: But he’s good-looking, is he?

Rita: He’s OK. Isn’t he a bit young for her?

Milly: Young? Liz is young.

Rita: That’s true. But she looks older than she is.

Milly: Yes, I know what you mean. But she’s so lovely – she deserves someone really special. 

Rita: Actually, she’s impossible.

 Milly: Really?

Rita: Yes, she’s controlling.

Milly: Oh dear. Why can’t everybody be perfect, like us?

Rita And so modest. Ha, ha!

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