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a) Have you always enjoyed the company of your sister?

Have you always got an well with your sister?

b) Jo and Rob argued and aren’t friends any more. 

Jo and Rob drifted apart.

c) He likes football. She likes reading. They don’t really have similar interests.

He likes football. She likes reading. They don’t really have a lot in common. 

d) They got divorced because over the years they found they had become distant from each other. 

They got divorced because over the years they found they had fallen out.

e) Don and I liked one another the very first time we met.

Don and I clicked straightaway. 


a) good-fantastic

b) funny-hilarious

c) dirty- filthy

d) tired- exhausted

e) frightened- terrified

f) hot-boiling 


a) That film was absolutely hilarious. I laughed so much!\

b) She doesn’t like dogs. In fact she’s very terrified of them. 

c) This wine is not bad. Actually, it’s fairly fantastic.

d) I need to wash the car. It’s absolutely filthy.

e) I’ve been working very hard,and I’m extremely exhausted.

f) Can we open a window? It’s absolutely boiling  in here. 


Four months ago, Rob split up with his girlfriend, Jane, after four years together. Rob felt lonely. He wanted to start a new relationship, but it was difficult to meet anyone in the small town where he lived. So he decided to try online dating. During the first week five women emailed him, but one woman, Rosa, sounded like the woman of his dreams. They arranged to meet, and, as soon as Rob saw Rosa it was love at first sight. After only two months together, he invited Rosa out to a romantic restaurant and proposed to her. 

Ex. 7

a) Jill is very considerate. She always remembers my birthday. 

b) I’ve never seen Cary sad. She’s always smiling and cheerful.

c) Is Theo late again? He’s so unreliable

d) Katy is so dull. I nearly fell asleep when she was telling me about her work. 

e) Lee didn’t give me any of his chocolates. He’s so selfish.

f) Ken didn’t tell me he’d won that big prize for his book. He’s very arrogant, isn’t he? 



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