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A tour for my friend

Day 1

At 5 o’clock I meet her at the airport and we going to Dilijan.


10:00 we reach Dilijan and accommodated in our hotel room.

11:00 We eat at the hotel and take some food with us when we leave the hotel.

12:00 We visit Haghartsin Monastery and I tell her about Haghartsin Monastery.

Haghartsin Monastery | Jan Armenia Tours

13:00 We are going to Parz Lich. We sit on the bank of the lake and eat some food.


15:00 We are going to Dilijan National Park.

17:00 We in our hotel to relax.

20:00 We eating and going to the forest. We light a fire and talk while sitting next to it.

22:00 We return to the hotel for sleep.

Day 2

07:00 We gather and go to Lake Sevan.

Lake Sevan travel | Armenia - Lonely Planet

10:00 We have reached Lake Sevan and are entering Hayravank Church. Then we enter a small local restaurant and eat Ishkhan fish.

12:00 We are going to Yerevan․

13:00 We are in the Yerevan․ We going to my home for relax.

15:00 We going to the center of Yerevan. We walking and doing beutiful pictures for memories. We going to many parks and museums.

48 hours in Yerevan, Armenia - Lonely Planet

20:00 We going to Republic square to watch singing and dancing fountains.

23:00 We are at home.

Day 3

09:00 We have breakfast and go to the airport.

My friend is very happy, and she likes Armenia. She says that next year in summer she will come back for weeks to see Armenia more.

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Task 1. Use Future Perfect or Present Indefinite

1.He would have reached ( to reach) the summit long before the count ( to count) to one thousand

2.By the time John paints ( to paint) the living room, Sarah will have cooked ( to cook) his favorite meal.

3.When my mother returns ( to return) from work, I already will have done ( to do) the shopping.

4.Jack will wash ( to wash) his car till you make ( to make ) dinner.

5. By the time I get ( to get) there, the film will have been started (to start)

6.I will have spent ( to spend) all my holiday money by the end of the week.

7.He will repair ( to repair) Bill’s car when he comes ( to come) to take it.

8.The learners will not finish ( not to finish) the translation of the article before the teacher comes ( to come)

9.By next year, she will have already received ( to receive) her promotion.

10.The play would not start (will not be started) ( not to start) before we arrive( to get) to the theater.

Task 2. Examination Card 2

Task 1. Read the text, translate the last passage into English:

One day a man went to see his doctor and said to him, ‘I’ve swallowed a horse, doctor, and I feel very ill.’

The doctor thought for a few seconds and then said, ‘All right, Mr. Lloyd, I’ll help you. Please lie down on this bed.’

The doctor’s nurse gave the man an injection, the man went to sleep, and the doctor went out quickly to look for a horse in the town. After half an hour he found one, borrowed it and took it into his office, so

when Mr. Lloyd woke up, it was there in front of him.

– Ահա ձին, պարո՛ն Լոյդ,- ասաց բժիշկը,- ես հանել եմ նրան ձեր ստամոքսից և այն այլևս ձեզ չի անհանգստացնի:

There is the horse, Mr. Lloyd, said the doctor, I have removed it from your stomach and from now on you will not feel sick.

Սկզբում պարոն Լոյդը ուրախացավ, բայց հետո կրկին նայեց ձիուն և ասաց.

At the beginning Mr. Lloyd was happy, but then he looked again and said.

– Բայց… բժի՛շկ, իմ ձին սպիտակ էր, իսկ այս մեկը շագանակագուն է:

But… doctor, my horse is white, and this one is brown.

Task 2. Use the verbs in the brackets in the correct tense form:

  1. He met his wife when he was working (work) in Brussels
  2. My father went (go) to the bank. He’ll be back soon.
  3. My students would not listen (not listen) when I gave them the instructions.
  4. Gonzalo is thirsty! I got (get) him a glass of water
  5. If it did not rain (not rain) we’d lie on the beach.

task 3. Read the text and fill in the gaps in the text with one of the four choices given below.

     From the history of tennis

Four thousand years ago, an Egyptian sculptor carved a picture on a wall of two women hitting a ball back and forth from hand to (1) hand. Is this the ancestor of tennis?

Tennis was brought (2) to Norway from Greece in 500 A>D. It became so popular between the twelfth and fourteenth century that every town in  France had owned a tennis court(3).But this was a very different game from the one we see at Wimbledon today. At first the game was played bar-handed with a leather ball filled with dog’s hair. Later (4) rougher materials like sand and chalk were used but these caused injures to the players’ bands. This led to the use of protective gloves. Which (5) got bigger and bigger as time went on until it was necessary to cut out the centers and replace them with fight ropes. Gradually these gloves evolved into rackets.

  1. a)in b)under     c)out   d) to
  2. a)sent   b)caught    c)known  d) brought
  3. a)center b)hall     c)courtroom  d) court
  4. a) Later  b)Late     c)Lately  d) Latter
  5. a) it b)which     c)this  d) what
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Essay. Our school web-sites

Essay ” Our school web-site. Do you find it useful? If yes, why. If no, why. Suggest some ways to make it better”

Our school has a web-site, which I think is very useful. By not going to class, we are able to get assignments and stay behind schedule. We can access school information and important announcements through our web-site. I use the web-site a lot because I do my homework. It’s great when I go to school with computers instead of heavy books and lots of books and notebooks. This way not only is it easy to get to school, but it is also impossible to forget about homework at home because it is posted on our web-sites, and if not opened, someone in the classroom can do it. If we forget about what the teacher has instructed, you can just go to the teacher’s web-site and see what was assigned. So it seems to me that teaching web-sites is the best option.


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Complete the sentences.

  1. If your conditions are competitive, we will place  an order.
  2. If I had more time, I would do  a course in business English.
  3. If we had known more about their culture, negotiating would have been easier.
  4. If you customize  your CV, your chances of getting a job will be better.
  5. We will cancel  our order if you don’t deliver the goods by Friday.
  6. If Brittany speaks   better English, she would apply for a job abroad.
  7. If you would have told me about the problem, I would have helped you.
  8. I would let  you know if I weren’t satisfied.
  9. If you execute the order carelessly, they will not place  another order with you in the future.
  10. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry  about the presentation.

3. Fill in the gaps with a form of the passive. The tense could be past, present or future.

1. Many rock stars say the real thrill is that they enjoy  to be watched by thousands of adoring fans.

2. Your car is a death trap. It should be sent to the scrap yard years ago!

3. I’m sorry this office is so dirty but it can’t be cleaned  until tomorrow morning at the earliest.

4. Any teacher who hits a student should be sacked immediately.

5. John’s big dream is that he wants be discovered by a big time music producer.

6.  To be robbed in the street is a terrifying experience indeed.

7. The factory is losing a lot of money every week and  will be shut next Thursday.

8. But it might be saved if we make an appeal to the local bank.

9. Before being recycled, glass bottles are thoroughly washed and the labels removed.

10. Jak was fired from the local car wash because, even though he hadn’t paid, he let his friend’s car be washed.

4. Reading text: Robot teachers, read and do task 1, task 2 

1. Most jobs seem as if they can be done by robots or computers.
2. Robots are always better at diagnosing illnesses than doctors.
3. Many experts agree robots will replace teachers by 2027.
4. One advantage of robot teachers is that they don’t need to rest.
5. Robot assistants could help teachers by marking homework and writing reports.
6. Some teachers use robots to reduce their time answering emails and marking homework.
Task. 2
1.It’s easy to think robots …
will replace people even if we don’t like the idea.
are more capable than people and it’s true.
Correctcan do less than people but it’s not always true.

2.Anthony Seldon thinks teachers in the future will …

Correcthelp robots in class.
teach knowledge to students.
no longer exist.

3.Robots will probably never …

Correcthave human understanding of emotions.
be a popular choice for teachers.
be intelligent enough to work in education.

4.Some parts of the world …

pay robots to teach.
already use robots in teaching jobs.
Correcthave a shortage of teachers.

5.Teachers …

work harder than office workers.
Correcthave less help than office workers.
leave their jobs to become office workers.

6.Robots could …

empathise with students.
Correctmark homework.
prepare lessons.

5. Drag the words into the correct boxes.

1. At school I was good at two subjects, French and Spanish, so I took them both

at university.

2. I was a good student and my essays were always handed in

on time.

3. I studied really hard and attended all my lectures

every week.

4. When it was time for exams, I revised for weeks


5. After three years, I received an average grade of A

which was a great result

( Revised for weeks, handed in, Grade of A, all my lectures, took them both).
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1.Do you mind having your pictures taken?

2.Have you ever promised to do  something and then not done it?

3.Do you enjoy spending time alone at the weekend?

4.Did your parents ever tell you not to do something, but you did it anyway?


Yersterday two men were arrested in Lewisham, after a bank manager was robbed at gunpoint. It is believed that the thieves used a car that had been reported stolen two days earlier. The car was found abandoned several miles away. The two suspects were taken to the police station for questioning. The money isn’t found yet. Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call Lewisham police.


You’ll never guess what happened to me last night. After finishing work, I went to the gym, as usual. Then I went out to a restaurant with some clients. When it was time to go, I realized I had left my bad at the gym- with my keys in it ! Unfortunately, my wife, Kerry wasn’t at home because she had gone to Scotland for a meeting. Anyway, I went back to the gym, but it was already closed. So I went home. All the lights were off, so decided to try and climb through the downstairs bathroom window, which was partly open. Just as I was trying to open the window, I saw a light. It was two police officers. I explained that I had lost my key, but they wouldn’t listen. They were just going to put me in the police car, when Kerry opened the door. She got back early from her meeting, and was inside the house the whole time watching a crime thriller on TV!

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1. I usually  (go) to school by bus.

2.Yesterday morning I  (get) up at 6.30.

Yesterday morning I got up at 6.30.

3. We needed some money, so we  (sell) our car.

We needed some money, so we sold our car.

4. ”  she ever  (be) to Spain?”

Has she ever been to Spain.

5. “What  Peter  (do) now?”

What is Peter doing now.

6. Please don’t make so much noise. I  (study) for my online degree.

Please don’t make so much noise. I am studying for my online degree.

7. Water  (boil) at 100 degrees Celsius.

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.

8. Carol often  (learn) with her father.

Carol often learns with her father.

9. Now Ron  (phone) Jill again. It  (be) the third time he  (phone) her this evening.

Now Ron phone Jill again. It has been the third time he phoned her this evening.

10. It  (rain) now. It  (begin) raining two hours ago. So, it  (rain) for two hours.

It is raining now. It has began raining two hours ago. So it has been raining for two hours.

11.  you  (hear) anything from Tom since Christmas?

Have you heard anything from Tom since Christmas.

12. ”  it  (rain)?” she always  (ask) me.

It is raining? She always asking me?

13. ”  you  (go) out last night?”

Did you went out last night?

14. New York  (be) one of the largest cities of the world.

New York is being one of the largest cities of the world .

15. This house  (cost) 35,000 pounds in 1980.

This house costs 35.000 pounds in 1980.

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My favorite corner in the school

Essay ”My favorite corner in the school. Where do you like to spend your time? Why?”

I have been in this school for four years and have my favorite corners. The most favorite of these is the library. I spend a lot of time in the library. Not only do I use library books, but I also often sit there and do my homework. I love books a lot, and they are many in our library that’s why it’s my favorite place in school. I am very happy that there is such a large library in our school, as I can spend my time there using a number of books and textbooks.

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“If you could change one important thing in your country, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answers”

I would like to change the sanitary condition of the country. Our city is heavily polluted and people are increasingly polluting it. I wish that like many countries we would have different garbage bins for different types of garbage. I wish the laws didn’t allow people to dump garbage on the ground (chewing gum, cigarettes, candy papers). I wish we had used other means instead of plastic․ In my opinion, the purity of the earth is a very sad issue and plays a very important role in our lives. Of course there are many problems that need to be resolved, but in my opinion we should first of all learn to dump garbage in the trash, not on the ground etc.․․If the state of sanitation remains the same after years of not having clean air, clean water, green spaces, we should try to think about tomorrow as much as possible when we throw garbage on the ground or use plastic instead of paper. We need to help the planet insure the lives of us and our generations.

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He was seen by nobody yesterday. The money will be received tomorrow. The book will be given to me next week by him. The answer of this question can be fond in the encyclopedia. We will shown the historical monuments of the capital to the delegation tomorrow. The interesting information about the life in the USA can be fond in this book.  Budapest is divided by the Danube into two parts: Buda and Pest. The Moscow University was founded by Lomonosov. Zhukovsky is called the father of Russian aviation by us. The doctor was spoken very highly by him.