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a) How many people were in your family?- Five

b) Who used to do most of the cooking?-My mother

c) Did you use to help in the kitchen?-Yes and i like it.

d) Were there some things you didn’t use to like eating?-I don’t like to eat seafood.

e)What time did you use to have lunch? 12.35

f) Where did you use to have lunch? Usually in the school

g) What time did you use to have dinner?-At nine o’clock

h) Which room did you use to eat dinner in?-Kitchen.

i) Did your family use to eat in restaurants much?-Yes, every week.

j) What did you use to eat on Sundays?

k) What was your favourite dish when you were a child?



Waiter: Good afternoon. Do you have a reservation?
Man: (1) Yes, a table for two in the name of Brown.
Waiter: Oh yes. Is this table OK for you?
Man: (2) Do you have anything near the window?.
Waiter: Yes, of course, follow me.
Waiter: Are you ready to order yet?
Woman: (3) Not quite. Could you give us a few more minutes? ?
Waiter: Of course. Would you like to order some drinks?
Woman: (4) Yes, two gin and tonics, please .
Woman: (5) Excuse me. We’re ready to order now .
Waiter: Very good. What can I get you?
Woman: (6) I’ll have the grilled salmon steak.
Waiter: OK. And sir?
Man: (7)I’ll have the lamb, please.
Waiter: Would you like to see the dessert menu?
Woman: (8) No, I’m all right, thank you. .
Man: (9) Can we have two coffees and the bill, please?.
Waiter: Certainly. How was your meal?
Woman: (10) It was lovely, thank you. .

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a) false
b) true
c) true
d) true
e) true
f) true
g) true
h) false
i) false
j) true

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How do you celebrate your New Year?

New Year is my favorite holiday. I spend every New Year with my family. Days before the New Year, we decorate a Christmas tree and create a festive mood for our home. We do all this under the Christmas music and we get a good mood. My mom and I cook delicious meals. Well of course, what New Year without presents? We make gifts for each other, and on New Year’s Eve we make each other happy. Some gifts are luxurious, some are small and not expensive, but any gift is made or bought with great love and appreciated by the recipient of the gift. On New Year’s Eve, when we all gather around our table in our beautiful clothes and wait for the clock to sound, we are all very happy. We keep a dream in the hope that it will come true in the coming year. That night we usually we are talk together and sleep very late. If it is snowing outside, we also go out for a stroll after midnight and breathe fresh air.

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a) about, after, in, on, up

b)apart, at, down, off,out

c)back, over, through, to, without


Intransitive- The plane is taking off.

Transitive(separable)- He took to them immediately

Sorry, I take it back

Why did you take him on?

We’ve taken it up.

Transitive( not separable)- I don’t take after my mum.


a) I’m a nervous flyer: I don’t mind taking off but I hate landing.

b) I usually take out travel insurance when I go abroad.

c) I’m going to take up  jogging one of these days.
d) When I realise that I’m wrong about something, I always take it back

e)  I find that explanations in English are sometimes difficult to take in.

f)  If I don’t take down some notes in class, I can never remember what the lesson is about.


a) People say I take after my mother / father / dog.
b) My career / business / car never really took off.
c) I’ve never taken out a rent / mortgage / bank loan.
d) Recently, I’ve taken to wearing a suit / walking to work / having a baby.
e) I’d like to take up swimming / sleeping / yoga.

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Ex 1 

a) You can ask people to dress up in fancy dress for your party.

b) You are a guest when you go to a party.

c) You receive and invitation from somebody who wants you to go their party.

d) You try to create a good atmosphere to get people in the mood for your party.

e) You make sure so that you can talk to as many people as possible at a party. 

f) You should greet your guests with a warm welcome when they arrive at your party.

g) You are the host when you throw a party. 

h) You can use a dustpan and brush to clear up the mess after a party. 



Mum: Is that you, Dylan? You’re late. Where have you been.

Dylan: Nowhere.

Mum: But you’re an hour late!

Dylan: OK, I went to the park. 

Mum: Who with?

Dylan: No one. I went on my own.

Mum: Where’s Sophie?

Dylan: I don’t know. Somewhere

Mum: What’s happened?

Dylan: Nothing! Stop asking questions. 

Mum: What do you want for dinner tonight?

Dylan: Anything. I don’t care. 

Mum: We could try that new Chinese restaurant everyone says it’s great. 

Dylan: OK.

Mum: Good. Now, what did you do at school today? 

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go off= explode

join in=participate

burn down= destroy with fire

put something on=organise

dress something on =put special clothes on

keep something up= continue at the same speed

get down to something= excitedly

look forward to something=anticipate

get over something= recover


d) You can look up it in a dictionary.



a) New Year takes place in early January.-true
b) Just before New Year, people clean their houses to sweep away bad luck.-true
c) Some people also put up red decorations to frighten away bad luck.-true
d) The traditional New Year’s Eve dinner is Peking duck.-false
e) People usually spend New Year’s Eve with their friends.-false
£) On New Year’s Eve people stay in and watch television.-true
g) At midnight on New Year’s Eve people set off fireworks and firecrackers.-true

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a) Opening phrase-2

b) Signing off(+ your name)-5

c)Main message-3


e) Extra information(often attachments)-6

f)Closing phrase-4


a) Best wishes-5

b) Dear Leo-1


d) How are things?- 2

e) I can’t wait to see you.-4

f) I hope everything’s going well.- 2

g) I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.- 5

h) I’m sending you the latest photos.- 6

i) Love,-2

j)  Regards,-5

k) Speak to you soon.-4

l) Thanks for  you email.-2


Las Fallas takes place in  March and goes on for a week. The main feature of the festival is the enormous lifelike statues which are burnt in huge  bonfires on the last day. The incredibly loud fireworks that go offf every lunchtime in the city centre make Las Fallas the noisiest festival in the world. There is also a spectacular display of  firecrackers  in the park at midnight. One of the highlights of the festival is the traditional dress of girls and boys in parade. They procession through the city centre, bringing flowers for the Virgin Mary.