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ex. 5 c.
When Mike arrived at the station, the train leave.
The programmers finished when Tessa turn on the TV.
When the got home, the dog eat their steak.
Everybody went home when they get to the party.

Hidesaburo Ueno was a professor at the University og Tokyo. Every morning his faithful dog Hachiko said goodbye to his master at the front door and every evening dog goes to Shibuya Station to welcome his master home. One they Proffesor Ueno did’nt returnon the usual train. He had a heart attack at work and died. Friends of the Professor took the dog to their house to look after him. On the first day when they arrived home from work they find Hachiko was missing. He escaped and gone to the station when he met his master so many times. The next day and the day after that Hachiko did the same thing, In fact, he continued to meet his master for the next ten years until he finally died too.

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Ex.2, c

  1. My brother was climbing a tree when he fell and broke his leg.(fall, climb)
  2. When my parents came home, we watched a DVD.(come, whach)
  3. Jordan was phone while my sister was doing some homework.(phone,do)
  4. While I was playing tennis, a ball was hitting me in the eye.(play, hit)
  5. Kimberley was surfing the web, when she found a great new site.(surf,find)
  6. While we walked on the beach it started to rain.(walk,start)


  1. I heard a strange noise while I was walking.
  2. I looked up as something hit me on the head.
  3. As soon as the thing hit me  everything went black.
  4. When I was lying in a hospital bed, I woke up.
  5. I rang the bell as soon as a nourse came to talk to me.
  6. The nurse was talking to me while I fell in love with me.


Dylan: It was OK. The audience liked (like) it, I think. But we had(have) some problems.

Alan: Really?What happened(happen)?

Dylan: Well, as I sang(sing) the fourth song, all the lights suddenly went(go) out!

Alan: Oh, no!What you was doing(do).

Dylan: The audience sat in the dark and I carried on singing!

Alan: Wow! Well done-that was pretty cool of you.

Dylan: Oh, that was nothing. As soon as the light came(come) back on, I realised my microphone did wor(not work) so while the guys fixed(fix)  the microphone, the band played on, and when it was fixed I started(start) singing again. No problem!

Alan: No problem? Well, I hope all your concerts aren’t like that.

Dylan: Yeah-me too!


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Progress check


  1. I’ve never had (never have) a surprise party.
  2. I’ve left(leave) school last june.
  3. Why did not you tell me yestertday.(not tell)
  4. I still haven’t send an email to Dave.
  5. How long has she had that piercing? It looks new .
  6. Did you go to the cinema last night.


A few years ago when I was (be) a student, I arranged (arrange) to meet a friend who visited (visit) London for a weekend. Unfortunely, I forgot(forget) to ask him one very important thing — the full name and adress of his hotel. I didn’t have (not have) any way to contact him so I just decided (deside) to looke for him in the busiest street in the street in the city! What did i think ? Anyway I Began to give up when — you’ve gueesed it — I looked up and saw my friend. He walked straight towards me, with a big smile on his face.


  1. That was the first time I had met her.
  2. We didn’t be hungry because we ate lunch already.
  3. Everyone went to bed when I got home.
  4. We arrived late but luckily the film didn’t start
  5. They took my plate away but I didn’t finish eating.
  6. Did Jon see the film before? Yes- he saw it last week.

2. A

  1. Why is he gesturing at you like that? Have you done something wrong?
  2. If you can’t hear me, you could lean forward a little.
  3. Just nod you head if it’s too paniful to talk.
  4. Do I look nervous? I feel terrifed.
  5. I’ve been trying to make eye contact with her for ages, but she’s not looking this way.
  6.  Give him a warm smile and everything will be fine.
  7. When you fold your arms, does it mean you’re upset with me?
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English homework


1.Only their mother could understand Gerland and Owen’s special laguage when they were small-F

2.Gerland and Owen can communicate even if they are in different places.-T

3.According to the text, it is rare to hear of telepathy between twins.-F

4.Damien wasn’t able to see Richard or ear anything he said daring the experiment.-T

5.Ashley Osen has experienced telepathic communication with her twin.-F

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Big ban…

Related imageThe Palace of Westminster was destroyed by fire in 1834. In 1844, it was decided the new buildings for the Houses of Parliament should include a tower and a clock. A massive bell was required and the first attempt (made by John Warner & Sons at Stockton-on-Tees) cracked irreparably. The Elizabeth Tower is the name of the famous tower of Parliament – more popularly known as Big Ben. Although often referred to as Big Ben, this is actually the nickname of the bell housed within the Elizabeth Tower – and Big Ben’s official name is the Great Bell. Nickname. The origin of the nickname Big Ben is the subject of some debate. The nickname was applied first to the Great Bell; it may have been named after Sir Benjamin Hall, who oversaw the installation of the Great Bell, or after English heavyweight boxing champion Benjamin Caunt. This Is Why London’s Big Ben Is About to Go Silent for 4 Years. After next Monday, Londoners and tourists won’t be able to hear Big Ben until 2021. The bell that rings from The Elizabeth Tower in London will be under construction for the next four years, according to a statement from Parliament’s website. Satellite view is showing the Palace of Westminster with Big Ben, the Clock Tower (since 2012 named Elizabeth Tower), the palace is also known as the Houses of Parliament, the seat of the House of Lords (upper house) and the House of Commons (lower house), the two houses of the Parliament of the United KingdomBig Ben weighs 13.7 tonnes, stands 7.2ft (2.2 metres) tall and has a diameter of 8.9ft (2.7 metres).

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Թարգմանություն․ անգլերեն

  • Մինչ հայրիկս հյուրասենյակում թերթ էր ընթերցում,ես ու տատիկս խոհանոցում տորթ էինք թխում։
Whilst my father reading a newspaper in the living room, I am and my grandmother baked a cake in the kitchen.
  • Չնայած ես սոված չէի,սակայն ստիպված էի հյուրերի հետ սեղան նստել։
Though I was not hungry, however I forced to sit at the table with guests
  • Երեկ ես հանդիպեցի իմ վաղեմի ընկերոջը,ում չէի տեսել երկար տարիներ։

Yesterday I met my old friend, who I did not see long years.

  • Ամեն անգամ,երբ ընկերներս այցելում են ինձ,մենք հրաշալի ժամանակ ենք անցկացնում միասին։

Every time, when my friends visit me, we spend a wonderful time together.

  • Հաճախ ես գնում եմ կինոթատրոն,որպեսզի մի քիչ հանգստանամ։

Often I go in cinema, to be a little rest.

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You mustn’t eat here.

You don’t have to eat it if you don’t like.

You mustn’t play with matches.

You don’t have to play if you don’t want to.

We mustn’t be late!

We mustn’t be nervous — it’s only a test.



CD drive

memory slot




power lead


touch pad

USB stick